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Pioneer Vale is a cozy little New England town that dates back to Colonial times.  Friendly neighbors, community social events, and the State Champ Pioneer Vale High Minutemen welcome one and all to this quaint rural locale.   The town is bordered by verdant farmland,  thick forests, and rolling hills which paints a beautiful landscape for the weekend traveler or those wishing for a simpler and quieter lifestyle.

Oh, but there are witches...

It all started as a game...

The Sims 2, in fact.  Pioneer Vale was created as a 1600's farming community, and at the center of it all was Carmichael Farms.  The Carmichael family worked their land growing crops and selling them to the locals who wandered by.  Everyone pitched in, including the teenage daughter, Anne-Marie.  One day, while tending the shop, this girl made a new friend, a witch.  With a couple clicks of the mouse, Anne-Marie Carmichael decided to learn magic, and the idea of an immortal witch, living just outside of her family estate, watching over successive generations was born.


Carmichael Farms


The Witch Of Pioneer Vale


Alistair's Climb


The Witch's Home in the Woods

That became a comic book...

The idea took shape with sketches and concept art.  A story line began with adversaries both human and demonic that sought to wreak havoc on Anne-Marie's family.  Panels were drawn, but the story grew not only beyond the four issue scope it was intended, but beyond centuries.  As Anne-Marie was intended to watch over generations, a new player came into the tale.  Her 10th great-granddaughter, Angelica Brighton, became the newest member of the Carmichael line to step up to save the world.


And is now a new book series...


Starting with Ascension, the battle between Guardian and Demonkin begins.  The stage is set for a war between good and evil with the fate of our world in the balance.  Follow Anne-Marie and Angelica as they face Shade for the salvation of life as we know it!

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