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I have known since 8 years of age that I wanted to be a writer.  My first attempt was a determined attempt to rewrite Star Wars, my favorite movie at that young age..  It was shortly after I started that I was told that someone else already had written that story and I had to come up with my own ideas.  It was how I learned what a "copyright infringement" was.


The fire had been lit within me, though, and I began creating short stories, letting my daydreams find their way to my notebooks (which I still start all my writing projects in to this day).  Heroes, monsters, magic, and mayhem all drove me towards a single purpose - that one day I would be able to go to a bookshelf in my own home and see my name on the spine of a book there.


The journey took longer than I had expected.  The manuscript I started in high school (that would become Thieves' Honor) sat in a box for over twenty years.  A pile of rejection slips sat on top of that stack of paper.  It wasn't until I had something of a mid life crisis that I went back and started rereading the manuscript, and I learned something that day.


I had earned every rejection letter that I had collected.  I spent a year rewriting and revising, until I finally reached the decision where I simply couldn't add anymore to the story.  I chose to self publish (my dreams had been on hold long enough and I wasn't willing to wait for traditional publishers), and I crossed my fingers.


Thieves' Honor has since had wonderful reviews and has been praised for its nostalgic RPG tone.  There is a copy on my bookshelf that I now see every day.


And that leads us here to Pioneer Vale.  I have had the Carmichael family in my thoughts for several years now, and finally, the story of the Guardians against the Demonkin is underway.  Ascension is the first of an exciting new series, that I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed creating.


Thank you for dropping by, and I hope you stick around for more adventures!

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