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"So, Dad," [Angelica] said softly.  "Are you going to tell me what's going on?  Why are we out in the middle of nowhere freezing our butts off?"  She gently reached out and put her hand on his forearm.  Her father opened his eyes and gave her a sad smile.

"Angie, what do you know about the Witch of Pioneer Vale?"

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Angelica Brighton is a typical 21st Century High School senior - a diligent student, a track star, and surrounded by good friends. Life on her family's farm is tranquil, happy, and prosperous. The arrival of a mysterious letter turns her world upside down, unveiling a destiny that leads her into the ancient heart of the nearby forest and face to face with the local urban legend of her sleepy New England town.


Anne-Marie Carmichael is a compassionate and hard working wife and mother from the late 17th Century. Determined to save her family's struggling farm from financial ruin, she enters into a hasty bargain that unwittingly turns her into a soldier in a war that has lasted for millennia. Imbued with the primordial magic that extends her life and grants her earth shattering power, the fiery natured farmwife must recruit the children of her family for generations to come to stand against the demonic Shade, Father of Nightmares.


As the barriers between our world and the Realm of the Demonkin falter, Anne-Marie must awaken in Angelica the might that lies dormant in the Blood of the Firstborn and shape her into the weapon that fate has called for her to become. For only the Witches of Pioneer Vale can hope to win the battle that threatens to destroy not just the pastoral community that Angelica has known her whole life, but existence itself.


"This book has it all...If you love magic and witches and entertaining stories, give this one a try. It will not disappoint you."  - Laura D. Child of The Magic Book Corner

"I'm rooting for two awesome, badass women, instead of one.  Awesome contemporary/historic fantasy cross-over with an excellent plot. Just love it!"  - Astrid V.J.  author of Elisabeth and Edvard The Siblings' Tale series

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