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     “Gentlemen, and I do use the term with caution, I order you once and once only to set aside whatever petty differences you have between yourselves. For what I require, the three of you shall have to work with the utmost cooperation if you have any expectation of survival.

     “My name is Kellen Ambrose, and I have a job for you.”

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 An Ancient evil preys upon the great port city of Tarnath.  Terror grips the citizens as aristocrats and commoners alike disappear into the night’s shadows.

A foreign nobleman with a personal score against the “Dockside Slayer” offers three condemned men the chance to save their own lives. 
Before they can stop the Killer though, a mage with doubts about his own power, a barbarian warrior always in the wrong place and time, and an arrogant cutpurse without caution must first overcome their own differences if they are to prove that there is such a thing as THIEVES' HONOR



“If a good story is your goal, this is the book to read.” - B.E Sanderson, author of the "Once Upon A Djinn" series


“If you’re looking for your next adventure, you’ve just found it! Stop reading the reviews and dive right in! - Douglas Pierce, author of The Hunted Maiden and The Seedling’s Song


“This is a book that should be up there in the big leagues” -

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